10 Weeks of Periodization

10 Weeks of Periodization

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Hey guys, it's me, Dr. Ben Pollack. I have been experiencing great success as a powerlifter and overall benefits in my gym and physique by using my very own program I developed from scratch. I built this for personal use because I knew that no matter what stage I was in as a lifter, my relationship with volume and intensity was crucial to long and short-term success. When Granite Supplements told me they wanted to bring some serious value to their fans I knew exactly what I wanted to contribute. I made some user-friendly adjustments that will work no matter where your skill or strength level in the gym is.

This program is a great introduction to traditional periodization for a lifter who has been training with a standard beginner template like Stronglifts or Starting Strength but is struggling to continue with linear progression. More importantly, it highlights for many the course of a mesocycle. You can use this program as an example even if you choose not to follow it exactly as written. Of the important programming concepts covered in the Unf*** Your Program YouTube series. If you're struggling to understand the relationship between volume and intensity, or how to structure your percentages over the course of a mesocycle, my program is a perfect template to teach you correct structure in these areas.

I hope you take this program and let it transform your lifts AND your physique in 2019. My only ask in return for developing this for you is that you commit today that every time you step into that rack or get ready to rep that last set, is that you don't cheat yourself. Get ready to #pushlimits!

-Ben Pollack

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