Name: John MeadowsTitle: IFBB Pro
Height: 5’6
Weight: Competition Weight 212 – Off-Season Weight 225
Hometown: Washington Court House, Ohio
Current Location: Columbus, Ohio
Family: Spouse (Mary) and twin boys
Occupation: Own a training business

How did you start competing in your sport and how long have you been competing?
I was in my first contest over 30 years when I was 13 years old.

What is your favorite type of training right now?
My training style, Mountain Dog Training, it’s a style that I am constantly trying to improve upon as well.

What is your supplement routine?
I like Arc Reactor pre-workout and Recovery Factor X during training.
For health I use a lot of EFAs, Circumin, Citrus Bergamot, CoQ10, Vitamin D3, Vitamin k, primarily.

What is your Favorite Cheat Food?
Red Velvet Pancakes

What is your Favorite Diet Food?
Egg whites with ketchup

What is your Favorite Exercise in Gym?
Squat variations

What’s in your gym bag?
In my gym bag you will generally find, bands, wrist wraps, linament for my joints, IntraMD, and maybe even some chocolate covered espresso beans.

What do you like to do outside of the gym?
Play football with my two boys, go to the comic book store, go out to see movies with my wife, and swim.

What is your biggest gym pet peeve?
People sitting on machines texting.

Do you have any heros or mentors in the sport?
Dr. Eric Serrano and Dave Tate


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