As the founder and partner of Granite Supplements, John is responsible for our product formulations and communicating- and living- our core values. John worked in the banking field for almost 12 years, running some of the largest projects at Chase Bank as a VP in project management. When asked how he created our products, John says, “I picked the formulas that I would use myself!” John plays a lot of poker when he has time and has won tournaments in Las Vegas. John lives in Ohio with his sons and his wife. John is passionate about Granite Supplements and says, “I started the supplement company to build formulas that would help my clients and me. The Recovery product is something that I have believed in for many years, and it was first on the list. I also wanted to get away from all the primarily stimulant driven pre-workouts and add in nootropic and performance ingredients and am very proud of our GX pre-workout product. I knew the day I tested it; it was going to be a winner. Many of my clients and followers also compete or strive to get very lean, so I wanted to make a few products that would assist them in their journey.”



After majoring in Business Administration in college, Shelley worked in city government for many years. She followed her passion and started a fitness apparel and gear company in 2010 and joined Granite Supplements in 2016. Shelley says, “Granite is a company built on honesty, credibility, and passion. The founders of Granite believe in those fundamental values, and that’s the reason Granite stands out above the rest. You won’t find another supplement company out there that matches up to what Granite offers to our consumers.” Outside of the fitness industry, Shelley says she’s “obsessed with interior/exterior design, music, gardening, cooking, playing tennis, hosting parties, my two staffy’s Lola and Lexi, and of course working out.” Shelley is married to her husband, Steve, and has a son, Tyler.



Daren provides financial oversight and strategic support for Granite Supplements. With over 15 years of experience within Big 4, start-ups, mid-market and Fortune 500 companies, he offers extensive financial expertise and organizational leadership and is committed to taking Granite Supplements to the next level. Daren is a licensed CPA and excels at strategic planning and big thinking. When asked what drew him to Granite Supplements, he says, “John Meadows is an innovator who represents professionalism, excellence and quality which are clearly reflected in Granite’s product line and culture.


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