Luke Carroll
Professional Bodybuilder

Name: Luke Carroll
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 255lbs
Hometown: Tollhouse, CA
Current Location: Ventura, CA
Family: Jim & Teresa Carroll
Occupation: Professional Bodybuilder

Top Lifts/ Career Highlights
2x Mr California
Heavy weight winner at USAs
Bench: 455lbs
Squat: 585lbs
Dead: 700lbs

Your favorite type of training right now
John Meadows programs

Supplement Routine
Pre-mium, Recovery, Joint Care, multi-vitamin, Vitamin D, omegas

Favorite Cheat
Food Sushi

Favorite Diet Food

Favorite Exercise in Gym

What’s in your gym bag?
Iron Grips, elbow sleeves, towel, Tupperware full of chalk, weight belt, $20 in misc cash, shaker bottle full of intraworkout, log book

What do you like to do outside of the gym?
Ride and work on Harley’s

Biggest gym pet peeve
When people put dumbbells out of order and I can’t find the one I need.

Do you have any hero’s or mentors in the sport?
Jay Cutler has always been one of the guys I look up to in the sport. His tenacity is all aspects of life has elevated his status to legendary.

Tell us a little bit about yourself, your background, and how you came about in the sport?
I got into lifting in high school and just never lost the love for it. There was a poster of Lee Priest on the wall of my high school gym and I got inspired at that young age to become a professional bodybuilder. I started out as an Olympic style lifter and ended up winning state and setting several state records before I left high school. Once in my 20s I lifted regularly through college and after I graduated I decided to put more effort into competing and becoming a professional bodybuilder. The first show that I won was the 2016 Mr California, I came back the next year and won it again and then went on to the USAs where I placed 4th. I put that 4th place trophy on my night stand as soon as I got home and I looked at it every night when I went to bed and every morning when I woke up. It served its purpose to motivate me to work hard every day and I came back to the USAs the next year and won’t the heavyweight class, which earned me my pro card.