Speed Force

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Dual Threat Pre-Workout and Fat Burner! 1. Energy, Focus & Improved Strength 2. Fat Burning Capabilities

As physique enthusiasts and athletes, we want it all – sculpted muscle mass, crazy low body fat (year round, of course), ridiculous gym performance and athleticism – and we want it yesterday.

The more we want something, though, the more complicated we tend to make things. But sometimes – maybe even most of the time – simple is best. When it comes to nutritional supplementation, simple can also be a deceptively sophisticated way to kill two birds with one stone.

This is what we’ve done with SpeedForce™. In typical Granite Supplements fashion, SpeedForce™ takes a three-pronged approach, designed to keep you training hard and losing fat over the long haul of any fat-loss diet:

● Pre-workout Ergogenesis: We include caffeine, theacrine and beta-alanine to power you through your workouts.

● Lipolysis: SpeedForce™ contains Grains of Paradise to promote fat burning via brown fat thermogenesis.

● Adaptogenesis: We’ve included Ashwagandha, a time-tested adaptogen to support vitality and well-being during the long haul of your fat-loss journey