Name: Jamie Nicole Pinder
Height: 5’5”
Weight: 140
Hometown: Clinton, CT
Current Location: New Haven, CT
Family: Single
Occupation: Professional bodybuilder, personal trainer, life coach
Contact Info: JamiePinder.com

Top Lifts/ Career Highlights: Won pro debut in 2013, 2X Chicago Pro Champion, 2X Olympian, 5th Place at the 2016 Olympia

Your favorite type of training right now: Mountain Dog Omega Sentinel!

Supplement routine: 2 Lipocalypse & 1 scoop Keto Factor 30 minutes prior to my AM fasted cardio, 1 Scoop Arc Reactor 30 minutes pre-weight training & 1 scoop Recovery Factor

Favorite Cheat Food: Sushi

Favorite Diet Food: Jasmine Rice with coconut oil, greenbeans & curry

Favorite Exercise in Gym: Incline Press

What’s in your gym bag:  Resistance bands, weight belt, Iron Rebel wrist wraps & knee sleeves and antibacterial whips

What do you like to do outside of the gym:  There’s a world outside the gym?

Biggest gym pet peeve: When people text on a machine you want to use!

Do you have any hero’s or mentors in the sport: Shelby Starnes has been the most important and influential mentors to me in this sport. He taught me lessons that go beyond the stage and have helped me better my life and myself as a person.

More about Jamie

I am an accomplished IFBB Women’s Physique competitor and currently the two-time Chicago Pro champion and 5th place finisher at the 2016 Olympia. My journey to fitness success has been one with many trials and struggles and it has allowed me to become an inspirational leader in the industry. Many of my followers and fans love and support me because I am honest, real and human about my struggles and through my story I am able to inspire others to become the best versions of themselves they can be. I truly believe helping others reach their true potential and happiness through health, fitness and self-reliance is my life’s purpose.

My journey began when my life hit rock bottom- in 2009 I was working as a construction laborer, an alcoholic and suffering from severe depression. I was just about to turn 25 years old and when I looked into the mirror I hated the worn down, old, depressed face looking back at me. At that point I knew my life was NOT going in a direction I wanted, I knew that it was time to make a major change. I decided to quit smoking and drinking and I found myself not knowing how to occupy all my free time that I used to spend drinking or partying at the bars. Luckily my brother invited me to gym one night to lift and I instantly fell in love with weight training. Lifting not only gave me something to do, it gave me confidence, goals, purpose and empowerment. The endorphins from the exercise helped ease my depression and allowed me to get off all antidepressants forever. For once in my life I saw a future I was happy to work hard for and I soon set my eyes on stepping on the NPC competitive stage.

For the first two years I competed in bikini competition and I placed nearly dead last in all my shows. Instead of letting my bad placing discourage me, I used my failure to fuel my goals to one-day step on the Olympia stage. Over the course of a year I put my all into my training and transitioned into the Women’s Physique Division (WPD). In 2012 I won my first WPD show and two weeks later I earned my IFBB professional status at the NPC Nationals. Six months later I went on to win my professional debut and earned my qualification to the first Women’s Physique Olympia.

My whirlwind success came to a sketching halt in 2015 when I contracted Lyme disease. The disease was aggressive and attacked my nervous system and joints. For a period of time before the doctors actually diagnosed me I suffered daily from high fevers, disabling joint swelling and pain. The joint issues were so bad that I couldn’t brush my own teeth, feed myself or get out of bed. I found myself losing my muscle and my mind! My struggle with Lyme made me mourn the loss of my independence, strength and fitness. For sometime I allowed the disease to beat me, both physically and mentally. I was depressed again with the thought of never competing again. It wasn’t until I looked back on my last 5 years and realized that my success was MINE- it was a result of me believing in me for once in my life. I knew I had two choices: I could let this disease destroy me, all my dreams and I could let it define me and my future OR I could use this struggle to make me into a stronger, better and more determined version of myself. I choose the latter and I MADE it happen. The antibiotics started to work, my symptoms began to subside and my drive for success was stronger than ever before. Once I began to believe in myself & my ability to create my own success, happiness and future, my life started to come back together and it showed in my physique.

In 2016 I made it back to the Chicago Pro stage- won the show AND earned my qualification to the 2016 Olympia. I used my struggle to create the best version of myself and it was enough to earn 5th place at the Olympia. I’m grateful everyday for the fan following and support I have gained thanks to my journey and success. I have used my personal story to inspire others to pursue their passion and goals despite the obstacles that face them. It is my life’s purpose to help others better themselves and create their own happy futures.

My 5th place finish at the 2016 Olympia has earned me a pre qualification into the 2017 Olympia. I have worked all off season on to better my weaknesses for a top three finish at the Olympia this year!