Our mission is written in stone, signifying our unyielding commitment to our products and the athletes who use them.

Granite Supplements is committed to providing scientifically formulated supplements to support you in all phases of your fitness journey.

Founded by John Meadows in 2017, Granite Supplements provides clinically dosed supplements that support athletes in all phases of their fitness journeys. An International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness Professional, John created Granite Supplements after attaining a cult following around his own supplement use and training practices.

When it comes to his nutrition, John prioritizes quality essential ingredients at effective doses.  This combination is hard to find in the supplement industry, where products are rarely transparent, are under-dosed, and under-deliver on results. This inspired him to create no-compromise formulas for athletes who refuse to settle for anything less than the best.

At Granite Supplements, we are leading the movement to transform sports nutrition by bringing athletes better ingredients, formulas and results through quality products delivered with transparency and integrity, because customers should know exactly what they are taking. That is why the ingredient lists on Granite Supplements’ products never read “proprietary blend.” This dedication to challenging the status quo has earned Granite Supplements’ a loyal following, known as Granite Nation. Join Team Granite!

Granite Supplements was developed to bring athletes better ingredients, formulas and outcomes. People should know exactly what they're taking, so we dedicate ourselves to producing quality products and delivering them with transparency."

- John Meadows, Founder & Partner



  1. We are innovators led by a legend.  (Created by athletes for athletes.)
  2. We challenge the status quo. We are leading a movement.
  3. We believe in a cause. A revolution…a fitness revolution.
  4. We will lead with our heart, because we know training is more than just blood, sweat, and tears.
  5. Every product we make is optimized to enhance your workout and your life: to make your performance exceptional because we believe you are exceptional.
  6. We aren’t about simply going to the gym. Or working out. Or doing exercises. We are about training. Training for life, performance, endurance…training to be exceptional.
  7. We are driven by a cause – by guts. We know if we can change your life, we can change the world.
  8. We do not quit. We do not settle. We will not stop, even when it’s hard.  (Especially when it’s hard.)
  9. Is it scary? Sometimes.  (We all know the feeling – sitting in the parking lot of the gym with a knot in your stomach.)
  10. Is it an investment? Yeah. Is it worth it? Hell yeah.

Do it for yourself. Believe in yourself. We believe in you.


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