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Intra Workout  |  Muscle Building  |  Performance  |  Recovery


58 reviews



A Precise Combination
The only aspect of bodybuilding more important than training effort is attention to adequate recovery.
Recovering from your workout begins the moment it ends. Recovery—perhaps even more than the workout itself—is vital for making progress. Granite Supplements Recovery is a precise combination of:

  • Electrolytes
  • Carbohydrates including Cluster DextrinTM
  • Essential Amino Acids (EAAs)
  • Sensoril® Ashwagandha

These key ingredients protect, preserve and replenish precious muscle glycogen and help you get an anabolic / anti-catabolic jump-start on recovering from your workouts. Another great benefit: it won’t upset your stomach (unlike so many other formulas). Sip Recovery throughout your workout for best results.

Around the Clock
To prepare for battle, a warrior arms himself before stepping on the battlefield. Therefore, we suggest you start consuming Recovery 10-15 minutes before and throughout your workout to enhance recovery from start to finish. And because these sessions can be brutal (and long), we’ve added the major electrolytes lost in sweatto help keep you well hydrated2,3. Additionally, electrolytes help with taste4, and we’ve balanced our flavoring system with a variety of mineral salts to make sure Recovery tastes ridiculously good.
You’d be mistaken if you think we’ve just concocted a fruity drink you might sip on the beach. The meat n’ potatoes components of Recovery work their magic with carefully chosen carbohydrates, EAAs and one of the worlds best adaptogens:

  • Performance Carbohydrate combination with N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine
  • Essential Amino Acid Blend
  • Sensoril® Ashwagandha Extract

A Strategized Supplement Synergy
When it comes down to it, making muscular gains is about going beyond simply recovery: Building muscle size, day by day, inch by inch, requires a net positive effect on muscle protein balance. Reducing muscle breakdown [probably by increasing insulin levels5,6] is one way that including carbs in your peri-workout7-10 recovery drink gets this done. Intra-workout carbs also reduce post-exercise cortisol11, an important predictor of muscle growth over the long haul12,13. Admittedly though, the science is actually a bit fuzzy as to the acute14,15 and long haul benefits16 of peri-workout carbs for packing on size per se, but including carbs in a recovery drink primes your muscles for restoring glycogen17,18 (see Cyclic Dextrin® below) and there’s certainly no disadvantage to intra-workout carbohydrate19.

Before we get into the details of Recovery, be sure you don’t lose sight of the big picture when crafting your intra- and post-workout strategy. Intra-workout nutrition is just one piece of the puzzle: Substantial gains may very well mean consuming more carbohydrate and/or protein (and calories!) than subjects following most research protocols. For example, supersizing your post-workout carbohydrate (e.g., with 90-100g of carbs) may8 or may not20 inhibit protein breakdown. However, a glycogen-filled muscle cell is generally a more anabolic one7 and a brutal weight training workout dramatically elevates metabolic rate21,22, and can even temporarily prohibit glycogen replenishment despite eating a high carbohydrate diet23. This may be why one study found that hard training plus massive (>350g) carbohydrate supplementation (even without additional protein!) produces substantial gains in muscle mass without increased body fat24.

Obviously, protein has its role, too. While consuming more than ~40g of post-workout protein may not further increase protein synthesis25-27, doubling this amount28,29!] creates the positive protein balance we want by blunting protein breakdown. While adding more and more protein to the diet beyond a certain point30,31 isn’t a magic bullet for building more muscle, there is also little risk of adverse health effects or gaining body fat from simply from eating large amounts of protein32-34.

Given the above, we’ve created Recovery as a way to jumpstart a recovery strategy based on a sound diet replete with carbs, protein, and calories.

Performance Carbohydrate and N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine

  • Recovery contains highly branched cyclic dextrin (as 15 grams of Cyclic Dextrin®) to enhance gastric emptying35 and minimize gastrointestinal discomfort during exercise [including burping and gas, which your training partner benefit will appreciate36]. By more rapidly ushering glucose from the stomach37,38 to the small intestine and blood stream39, Cyclic Dextrin® can improve performance40-42, and maintain higher glycogen levels43, giving you a head start on recovering for your next workout44.
  • To ensure sustained blood glucose during your workout, we’ve also included 5 grams of Isomaltulose (as Palatinose®), a disaccharide that produces steady blood glucose, much lower than even table sugar45.
  • N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine is Recovery’s soluble source of L-tyrosine46-48, a precursor for catecholamine synthesis (e.g., noradrenaline and dopamine)49-51, thus supporting brain neurotransmitter levels52 and cognitive performance53,54. When under duress (e.g., during a killer workout), tyrosine supplementation may actually promote the aggressive mentality55 needed to drive through previous performance barriers.

Essential Amino Acid Blend

  • We included the Essential Amino Acids (EAAs) because it’s the dietarily essential [not the non-essential56] amino acids that trigger muscle protein synthesis57-59. Leucine (3g) sits atop this EAA stack because of its primacy in triggering protein anabolism60-62. We were sure to focus on the other branched-chain aminos (BCAAs; Isoleucine and Valine at 1.5g each) as well because the BCAAs are known to reduce muscle breakdown and post-exercise soreness and damage63,64.
  • The other EAAs blended in the Recovery are based on the anabolic EAA mixture used extensively in research57,65-68, adjusted slightly to take advantage of the anabolic signaling61 and insulin-releasing69 effects of lysine and phenylalanine.

Sensoril® Ashwagandha Extract
A successful training and diet cycle takes weeks of committed and continuous effort. Nobody wants to be a flash in the pan, so to speak, so we’ve included ashwagandha (Withania somnifera extract; 125mg of Sensoril® standardized for withanolide glycoside conjugates, oligosaccharides and withaferin A) to ensure Recovery has keep you adapting long after your workout. Also known as Indian ginseng, ashwagandha is an “adaptogenic” herb that’s been used for centuries in Ayurveda and traditional Indian medicine to relieve stress, promote vitality70, enhance adaptation and normalize physiological function71-73.

The age-old hype about ashwagandha’s effects may just be real, going by the small but growing body of Western scientific literature. In rodent research, this herb appears to be both anabolic to skeletal muscle74 and anti-arthritic75. In men supplementing for approximately 2 months, ashwagandha can elevate testosterone, luteinizing hormone and antioxidant status, all the while improving sperm count, motility and metabolism76-78. Ashwagandha has also relieved fatigue and improved quality of life of women undergoing breast cancer chemotherapy79. Extract from this adaptogenic plant has also been shown to reduce cortisol, resting blood pressure and anxiety70, and even have cognition-enhancing, nootropic actions80,81 – exactly what you need when “diet brain” catches up to you.

The science is starting to unveil Ashwagandha’s incredible promise as an ergogenic aid, as well. Supplementing with 1000mg of extract/day (8 weeks) enhanced performance and aerobic power in hard-training endurance cyclists82, and half that daily dose improved both aerobic, anaerobic and muscular power in college students who were not even engaged in a training program. Most impressively and important for physique athletes, a recent study found that men consuming only 300mg ashwagandha extract twice per day grew more muscle, gained more strength and lost more body fat than those taking a placebo, probably because the herb enhanced muscular recovery (reduced muscle damage) and increased testosterone83. (What more could you ask for?…)

L-Tyrosine may interact with certain drugs (such as MAOIs, Levodopa and thyroid medications).

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

** Please see full Recovery documentation for citations and references.






58 reviews for Recovery

  1. Next Level Recovery.

    For anyone looking to take their recovery to the next level. This is a must for every workout. By far the best tasting supplement on the market.

    Chris Mshar

  2. Delicious and superb recovery!

    Absolutely the best! Great flavours that taste delicious and hands down the best recovery I have had out of any supplements. I highly recommend this as your go to intra/ post workout recovery drink.

    Toby Woolley

  3. Best Intra training supplement

    Best intra training supplement I have used. It tastes great (blue crush is my favorite), digests extremely well, and mixes well with water. I strongly recommend this product for anyone that partakes in any form of serious training.

    Justin Randall

  4. Seriously if I left my Recovery at home, I would go back eat my other meals and train later. Its that important IMO. Blue Crush is my favorite flavor, but I enjoy them all.
    This product takes my muscle soreness to almost zero every single session, which allows me to train even harder. Plus the steady drip of carbs intra workout fuel the entire session. MUST HAVE

    Cris Edmonds

  5. Recovery

    Another top notch product by Granite supplements! The blue crush flavor is by far my favorite! However I have added some pink Himalayan sea salt to the watermelon flavor and my oh my! It tastes delicious! This has become a staple for me. I actually consume mine during training sessions!

    Brooke Walker

  6. The Juice

    Great product, I’m in my 40’s and recover like a 20 yr old with this! I call it the juice

    Andrew Fisher

  7. I started taking this last week during my workouts. Just a half a scoop. I love the blue crush flavor and it keeps my energy up throughout my workout!

    Hannah Potter

  8. So I have been using this product since I met my coach. Never used anything like it but I have to say at first thought it was extra but I noticed no fatigue felt energized during working out and it wouldn’t let me stop. I wanted to do more and more. Now I can’t put it down. Also I don’t feel hungry after workout as I normally would. I feel like it curves my appetite.

    I get anxiety when I am about to run out of it.


  9. I got the watermelon flavor. The taste is a bit off, tastes more like watermelon seeds than the actual fruit. I got a bit of reflux once from drinking it a bit too quickly.

    As far as effects, excellent. Keep my energy and pump during training, and I am not nearly as sore the next day. Next time I will go with a different flavor.

    Tony the Tank

  10. This stuff is awesome I use it intraworkout with eaas, creatine, glycoload and peptopro protein recommended by my coach.

    Aesthetic Jones

  11. The research behind this product is impressive if you haven’t checked out John Meadows the company’s founder you should check out his blogs and his videos. I got this product to do exactly what it was designed to do and that is ensure that I have the proper chemicals in my body including slow releasing carbohydrates so that I can perform a workout and that I have the right amino acids in there so that I have fast recovery. The energy that you get from this is very subtle it’s not that it gives you energy it’s that you don’t ever fall down through a floor and crash you have the energy you need so there’s no spikes like if you have sugar or coffee. In addition to weight lifting I also ride bikes. I can wake up in the morning and eat no food and jump on a bicycle and as long as I have enough of this I can go out and do a long bike ride just on the carbohydrates in this drink which is pretty amazing. Now I even use it as a way to extend the time between meals if I’m trying to reduce my calories for the day because the slow burning carbohydrate in the drink keeps me from having those crazy low blood sugar hunger cravings. So I’m drinking this stuff a lot but I also only take half a scoop instead of a full scoop for every serving for me. I hope this helps I really like this stuff. Wish it was less expensive though!

    Chris Mann

  12. I bought some essential aminos from another vendor and drank them with gatorade. Ugh, the taste was unbearable. I started following John Meadows on Youtube and he mentioned that he had this product based on clusterdextrin. I’ve used it 6 times on my “heavy” dumbell days and it’s been excellent. It gives me a slight energy boost, but the best thing I’ve noticed is that I rarely get sore afterward!!! This tells me that it is helping me in my recovery efforts. Pricing seems fair and I will continue to use it on days when I’m really hitting it hard. It’s tasty too….kind of a sweet juice taste. Thanks John!


  13. This is a really good supplement to take during your workouts. You’ll notice that you won’t be sore the following day which allows you to get back to the gym sooner and train the same muscle group. That’s why I like this product so much. You might have to adjust the serving depending on how you train but I find most of the time I’m only taking a single scoop. This is good because the price is fairly high but with one scoop it’ll last. The taste is good but I had better but good enough to keep using.


  14. Throughout the years I always thought an Intra-Workout supplement was just a scam of a product. Fast forward to a little over One year ago when I discovered John Meadows Youtube channel and saw him fully endorsing Essential Amino Acids and Carbs Intra Workout, it peaked my interest. After reading studies and learning from John I decided to give this product a shot and boy am I glad I did. I have used this product during every single training session since then, the overall recovery that Recovery Factor gives you are simply undeniable.

    Nick Leonello

  15. I have Asthma. I have always hit a wall while working out. Whether cycling and having to stop because of an attack or lifting and getting painfully burn. With Recovery and a better diet. I am now able to reach the mythical pump that every lifter speaks of. I am over 45 and I am stunned by my muscle growth. Now I can lift harder more efficiently before I run out of breath. Also less burn more pump and blood flow. Recovery is the gold standard for me! Thanks!


  16. I am currently dieting pretty hard. I’ve been training as a power lifter for the last couple years and was 355 at 29% body fat. I decided it was time for a change. I’ve implemented a heavy caloric restriction and focus on protein while switching most of my workouts to bodybuilding style with steady state cardio. Even with the heavy deficit, this intra allows be to go through killer 1.5 hour workouts followed by up to an hour of cardio 6 days a weak without feeling dead tired OR sore for more than a day. I tried this same approach earlier this year without using the Recovery intra and I would feel miserable in the first 20 minutes. This stuff is probably the most expensive supplement I take, but I will continue to bite this bullet, it’s worth it! (I have been using for about a month, this morning I was 325 at 25.5% body fat!)

    Paul Umbarger

  17. I just started using Recovery and waited until the day after a leg workout to review its effectiveness. My legs are generally sore the day after but I didn’t notice any soreness this morning, even though I pushed myself extra hard yesterday including a Mountaindog 56 rep leg extension cluster set. Awesome!!!

    J.C. Aubin

  18. This has hands down been the most important thing I’ve added to my workouts ever. My recovery between workouts has improved drastically. I will use this product until the day I die

    Jacob Smith

  19. ive never bought into the whole intra-workout drink craze.but im a huge fan of Johns for years now and so i thought i would give his Recovery product a try.it tastes good so that was a plus.it also didnt bloat my stomach during my training session which was also good.i definitely felt some extra endurance during the last half of my session which i didnt normally have.i can see where a product like this would be useful during your longer,more intense training sessions.i trust Johns products.his formulas are second to none.


  20. I absolutely love recovery factor! It tastes fantastic and it does exactly what it says! Using this I’ve been able to train harder and longer because I am able to recover from the brutality.

    David Louis White

  21. My go to for intense workouts! The carbs give me continuous energy to keep pushing through with the same intensity level from start to finish. My favorite ingredients is the combination ofN-Acetyl L-Tyrosine and ashwagandha. This allows me to reduce stress factors that could potentially interfere with training at optimal levels as well as giving me more focus and drive to concentrate so I can focus on the thrill/excitement of the pump while training. Always have bomb workout when I incorporate recovery in my training sessions.

    Atomic Blonde PT

  22. “I know my body well and even being a hard gainer my results from supplementing with recovery and just a nominal workout( due to rehabiltating from an injury)speak for themselves.
    Taken together with Pre-mium and you get some good muscle response.”


  23. .

    kyle jefts

  24. Amazing pumps and endurance along with increased recovery! Wont train without it! Granite Supplements has made the best intra workout formula of all time

    Mark Thompson

  25. .

    Luke Propst

  26. Def helps with recovery…I won’t train without it!!

    Ashley Whisenant

  27. This is my go too not only for the EAAs but the carb source fuels me!!

    Edward Lawlee

  28. Would definitely by this product and flavor again!Tastes so good but it especially sees me through my training sessions when I feel wiped out at the end. Just buy this now.You won’t regret it! ,

    elizabeth Cabral

  29. John meadows actually got me educated on eaa’s and bcaa’s and once i was i bought recovery a all in one carb and eaa and it has definitely helped me out on my recovery and im able to push further in my workouts a definite buy again staple of mine now i recomend this to anybody

    Allen alfaro

  30. I won’t buy this unless I really push myself. If I do that it’s a treat and a treatment. I always hear John’s voice talking about people not training hard enough when I use my intra.


  31. .

    Datren Briggs

  32. .

    John Clegg

  33. .

    Ivana Ivusic

  34. Recovery is by far the best intra drink to add to your supplement regimen. I have gained muscle and feel less sore to perform my best for my next training session. If your serious about your goals I recommend this product.

    Jon Zivoli

  35. Phenomenal! Took this product with Intra Carb (see review for that) and like I said in that review I was finally able to keep a grueling pace in the gym! Not to mention feeling better and lighter in the gym from a lighter pre workout meal. This stuff is awesome!

    Sam Herrera

  36. .

    Clifford Reed

  37. Great product just a little sweet for my taste. It mixes very well. Comes with the best scoop you’ll ever see!

    Steven Lee

  38. .

    Cliff Privetera

  39. I have only being using recovery fruit blast for a short time but I do find it is helping with my recovery. I was using my own mixture of glucose and amino fuel but found that I would get a hypo drop from time to time and I don’t experience this with recovery fruit blast. I will give future updates when I have used it for a period of time.

    Paul Mc Cabe

  40. Extends workouts for me. Love the taste and love that is dye free. A must have in the supplement line up

    Jeffrey Batson

  41. .

    Kevin Stecki

  42. I used Prime Nutrition Intra MD years ago. Glad I found it again. Noticeable difference. It prolonged my Energy, stamina, strength. 4 doses in and minimal DOMS. Great taste too. A must have for intense training. If you train like a wussy save your money.,I used Prime Nutrition Intra MD years ago. Glad I found it again. Noticeable difference. It prolonged my Energy, stamina, strength. 4 doses in and minimal DOMS. Great taste too. A must have for intense training. If you train like a wussy save your money.

    Ed Headington

  43. Mixes easy. Tastes good. Helps get me through the workout. Notice I’m able to bounce back better when taking this. Highly recommend.

    Mike Pinto

  44. .

    Angel Rosario

  45. gives very good energy during the training

    Hugo Casutt

  46. Hands down the best intra on the market. Cluster dextrin definitely does the trick for my stomach.

    Emmitt Richards

  47. .

    Tiffany Neff

  48. By far my favorite intra-workout drink out there. I sometimes add more cluster dextrin but other than that it is a very well rounded intra-workout drink that is nice from both a performance and taste perspective.

    Anthony Giudicelli

  49. More reps and sets.regular personal records. Will buy again.

    Tony Edmonds

  50. .

    Jeffrey Weiss

  51. .

    warren randolph

  52. .

    Joe Sheets

  53. .

    Charles Edmonds

  54. Best intra workout drink. Keeps me going through entire workout even at 4 am.

    Nathan Hater

  55. .

    Julio Camacho

  56. “such an amazing supplement, helps my recovery time tremendously, I would get D.O.M.S fir five days sometimes, with recovery I might be sore 2 days max!! but here’s the best this g about Granite sups, I order on Friday night late, I live in south Florida, I have my order by Monday!!!
    no other company can do that!!!

    michael hill

  57. Product does exactly what it states, it also tastes good. Even the scoop is great, has the function / ability to allow you to pour safely into normal narrow topped water bottles.

    Troy Petersen

  58. Product does exactly what it states, it also tastes good.Even the scoop is great, has the function / ability to allow you to pour safely into normal narrow topped water bottles.

    Troy Petersen

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