Frequently Asked Questions

Why did the Granite packaging change?

As an industry leader, Granite Supplements has thoughtfully updated our packaging to be ground-breaking in the field of nutritional supplements. Based on our customers feedback we have improved:

  • Portability
  • Wider opening for easier access
  • Environmentally friendly
What type of Amino Acids do you use in your products?

We use a fermented vegan source. That is what the Instamino logo represents.

In your protein powder, how many grams of each protein are in a single serving?

The whey’s make up 80%, the casein 10%, and egg and beef are each 10%.

It took some time to get the whey and casein blend perfect for allowing easy mixing in a shaker, but thick enough to create some “fullness” after you consume.

Can you tell me if there are any calories or carbs in the amino's? How much and when is the recommended dosing?

1 scoop before cardio or lifting = no carbs.

There may be a few calories with aminos, but it is a very small amount.

Are Granite products made in the United States?

Yes, our products are 100% made in the United States.

I just ordered Intra carb and Recovery and noticed they both have similar usage instructions to use during training. Can you specify how to use this stack?

John likes to use 1 scoop of Recovery during all workouts, and on the really hard ones, add in an additional scoop of Intra Carb. If you are trying to gain weight you can supplement a meal or two a day with a scoop of Intra Carb as well. If you have issues with appetite you can even use Intra Carb to get in some carbs more easily as well!!!

Of the 2 Pre-Workout, I'm not sure which would be the best for me. I definitely want to have no jitters and a lot of focus, to the point of having motivation for the gym and life, in general. Additional pump is nice, too. Which Pre-Workout would you recommend?

Pre-mium is your go-to pre-workout. Hystim is a cognitive enhancer.

I noticed on one of the videos John was drinking what he called Arc Reactor Tangerine Blast which I don't see on your site. Do you sell that?

Pre-mium is the new Arcreactor.

If I am using both Granite Essential Aminos (EAAs) and Granite Recovery, how should I separate doses as they both say take prior or during work out?

John Meadows would recommend to use the Recovery during training for big bodyparts, very hard sessions, or muscles that get really sore. For sessions that aren’t as challenging, or bodyparts that don’t really get sore, use the EAAs. John also likes to sip the EAA’s during cardio to protect muscle.

I recently purchased your Protein Powder and was wondering if it can be used in baking? I have several recipes that call for adding Protein Powder but it says not all powders can take the heat of baking.

You sure can use Granite’s Protein Powder for baking! Pancakes are great.

I have been on Pre-Mium for about 4 months and would like to order more. I am a little concerned and wonder if I should take a break from Pre-Mium or would there be no reason to worry about building a tolerance or needing a break from Pre-Mium? Some pre-workouts say to take for 4/6/8 weeks and then take a few weeks off. Do you need a break from Pre-Mium?

Many of the Pre-mium ingredients that give you energy are non habituating (such as the teacrine), and the caffeine which is habituating is not mega dose. We recommend to take 2 weeks off and then you can come back to it.


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