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Intra Workout   |   Muscle Building   |   Performance   |   Recovery


46 reviews



Carbs are an indispensable advantage to hard-training athletes who want to improve endurance, add size, or get lean. Intra-Carb levels up your performance, allowing you to train longer, with more energy and no crash. Unlike many other carb formulas, Intra-Carb does not upset your stomach, cause bloating or give you an insulin spike and crash. It’s designed to provide a steady level of insulin release, which is great for managing muscle protein breakdown. The formulation uses the synergy of three carbohydrate sources:

  • Highly-branched Cyclic Dextrin to usher glucose from the stomach
  • Isomaltulose (as Palatinose®), a disaccharide that produces a steady rise in blood glucose
  • Dextrose whose rapid entry into the bloodstream promotes insulin release

This superior combination creates the positive balance of skeletal muscle protein synthesis and breakdown we all crave.

The secret to Intra-Carb’s powerful, but long-lasting, easy-on-the-gut punch comes from the synergy of the three carbohydrate sources we’ve combined:

  • Intra-Carb contains highly branched cyclic dextrin (as 10 grams of Cyclic Dextrin®) to enhance gastric emptying1 and minimize gastrointestinal discomfort during exercise [including burping and gas, which your training partner benefit will appreciate2]. By more rapidly ushering glucose from the stomach3,4 to the small intestine and blood stream5, Cyclic Dextrin® can improve performance6-8, and maintain higher glycogen levels during exercise9, giving you a head start on recovering for your next workout10.
  • To ensure a sustained, crash-free elevation of blood glucose during your workout or whenever you’ve consumed Intra-Carb, we’ve also included 5 grams of Isomaltulose (as Palatinose®) in Intra-Carb. Palatinose is a disaccharide that produces a steady rise in blood glucose but at a baseline level much lower than even table sugar11.
  • Lastly, we’ve included a small amount of Dextrose (glucose), the carbohydrate source commonly used as the standard for determining glycemic index (GI)12. [The GI of dextrose is higher than essentially all kinds of rice products, for instance13.] Dextrose’s rapid entry into the bloodstream will promote insulin release14, so including a small amount in Intra-Carb favors the positive balance of skeletal muscle protein synthesis and breakdown we all seek, as long as you’ve been diligent enough to consume protein with your carbs15,16.

There you have it – a simple, but powerful formula! Intra-Carb combines the rapid actions of Dextrose with the smooth and sustained entry of glucose from Cyclic Dextrin® and Palatinose®, respectively, to give you the benefits and versatility of both slow and fast carbohydrates, all in one product.

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

** Please see full Intra-Carb documentation for citations and references.




46 reviews for Intra-Carb

  1. Best intra workout in my opinion! Keeps me fueled throughout my whole lift.

    Katie Butman

  2. Once you go intra- carb, you don’t go back. Ever since experiencing carbs during training has been nothing but amazing. Can’t recommend this product more. I tell everyone about it, it’s that essential for gains. 10/10


  3. Great taste and it mixes well. Really do enjoy the extra boost during workouts.

    Anthony Khoury

  4. The best intra-workout carb source I have ever used. Instantly feel the fast acting carbs to help power through tedious and long workouts. Plus the amazing taste tops it off.

    Ivana Wilkin

  5. Great Intra work for those that push the limit. I like the packaging and the strong seal it comes with to prevent spills.


  6. Intra carb is another supplement that caught my attention, after my workouts i tend to not be that hungry (unless i didnt eat enough before) so i drink this supplement. Still new to this supplement brand, however i like the taste and what it does, which gives me energy.


  7. Granite® Intra-CARB Advanced Carb Supplement is the real deal. After 50 Burpees My body has more in the tank so I move through some TRX and Kettle Bell movements and still feel great. My passion for exercise gets the green lights from this drink.


  8. This is some of the best CHOs someone can drink during a workout. I have tried a lot of CHOs from waxy maize to a popular brand (Vitar…o). I will say when I used the popular brand I would have a crash almost like I was hypoglycemic, and with the waxy maize I didn’t feel like my muscles were full. But, John’s mixture with this product it’s amazing. Your muscles will fill fuller throughout your workout. No crashing, no bloating, or gas (ewww) I Highly recommend!! Also, if you’re going to take cluster dextrin take some aminos with it so you get a two prong effect for better recovery! (I’m not a fan of the bag it’s packaged in)


  9. I started using this product a couple days ago in conjunction with Recovery, switching over from a competitor product. Intra-Carb provides the energy boost it’s supposed to with no crash and tastes great. I especially like the packaging… it’s not only friendlier to the environment but also takes up less storage space in my pantry. Five Stars!!!

    J.C. Aubin

  10. I loved the Recovery intra workout from Granite and when I found out they had a lower carb option in Intra-Keto, I had to try it. The taste isn’t amazing, but I also mix this with more water than is recommended. I found that sipping this throughout my workout really keeps me going. I’ve dieted down from 3000kcal to 1800kcal over the last 9 months and I’ve had to get creative with ways to keep my energy up and hunger at bay. I can trust any product that John Meadows backs and I’m glad to say this product is everything I wanted and expected!

    Ryan Nosak

  11. It’s perfect for workout. It’s liquid gold. Thank you

    babak harasin

  12. /

    Kevin Stecki

  13. /

    Michael Vincent

  14. Best pre-workout on a cut hands down!! That’s simple.

    Mike McDermott

  15. Great blend, taste is great, fuel for muscle

    Jaime Villafranca

  16. Although I am not a big advocate for keto diets it has become very popular. Its hard to get lost in the market with all the keto supplements that are available. Like most products, you typically find a product that is good but then leaves out a key ingredient. I feel the ingredients that went into making this keto product provides a high quality standard to enhance results for those who are living the keto lifestyle.

    Atomic Blonde PT

  17. /

    Derek Jacobsen

  18. /

    Scott Crilow

  19. Taste good Goes Down Easy during the workout and provides necessary carbohydrates for a hard training session.

    David Schnitzer

  20. /

    Chun Wah Mui

  21. I really like thisproduct. I started taking it a few months ago due to inflammation in my knee. I have to say the inflammation has subsided and the pain while I work out is gone. I really recommend this product to anybody that is suffering with inflammation.


  22. Intra carb combined with EAA WAS Like adding more gas to my take to get me through the end of a long leg session. I highly recommend it and the candy apple flavor was delicious.

    Shelly Toombs

  23. Took this product with the Recovery supplement and it is a game changer! Not only did I have fuel to keep a grueling pace throughout my workout but I was feeling better not having to eat a massive pre workout meal. Great product!

    Sam Herrera

  24. /

    Danny Mazur

  25. /

    Charles Edmonds

  26. No sugar drops afterwards (before my post workout meal) amazing pumps, and recover fast!

    vinny galanti

  27. /

    Ivana Ivusic

  28. I’ve seen an improvement in my sustained energy throughout my workouts since I’ve started using this. It tastes pretty good, good enough to cover my bcaas. I think I’ll buy it again.

    Robert Bohannon

  29. Keeps me going!Tastes good and it’s a steady flow of energy when I need it.Buy it now!

    elizabeth Cabral

  30. .

    Matthew Serd

  31. /

    Gary Panttila

  32. .

    Gary Panttila

  33. Works great for the extra push during the workout.

    David Schroeder

  34. I have taken many kinds of intraworkout drinks in the past, and after Granite coming in the market decided to give their products and specifically the intra-carb product helps me recover the best, and does not bloat me, nor cause any irritability that some products do.It simply the best out there.

    Greg Jones

  35. I love this product and I love how fast you guys get it to me sorry for the late reply I do get busy I manage a gym and promote your product to as many as I can

    Orlando Vilches

  36. Felt great and steady energy throughout work out.

    j account

  37. .

    moummar Nawafleh

  38. This product has met all my expectations and more.It taste great and makes my meal prep so much easier.

    karie clark

  39. Tastes amazing and the pumps when I use this are amazing

    Justin Aurora

  40. Great Taste

    Monica Hale

  41. I have tried a lot of Intra carbs and this is one of the best. Most will cause bloat and uneasy feeling during and after work out. This is clean and digest really easy. Highly recommend!!!

    Nichole Gunderson

  42. Best Intra-Carb supplement I’ve taken. Pumps were great and energy was great. Really recommend this product. Flavor strawberry lemonade. Taste the strawberry more than lemonade but nothing too strong it tastes good. For cyclic dextrin it’s adorable compared to other products ($50+).


  43. Nice price point for sure, but the formula is only 60% cyclic dextrin, so the user review comparing price to other HBCD products is misleading.


  44. An intra carb that doesnt make my belly grow by the end of my workout from discomfort. I can actually finish my intra carb without feeling nauseous or dreading finishing my water.

    Atomic Blonde PT

  45. Great tastes

    Monica Hale

  46. Tastes amazing and the pumps when I use this are amazing

    Justin Aurora

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