Dead stop row/rack pull combo

Dead stop row/rack pull combo

Excuse the view. So this was my third back session this week I doubled on Wednesday and then this morning a single session. Today isn’t anything crazy heavy but doing all the big boy movements and really challenging the tissue as it’s already pretty fatigued. I finished with this combo, and while it’s not real heavy I wanted to make sure I was able to connect 100%. Being fatigued tho made it feel like it was much heavier than what it was. So 4 sets of dead stop bent rows 6-8reps then straight to rack pulls slow and controlled.
The way I have the rack set is right below the knee which is higher than normal but I’m doing these a little diff. I’m actually rounding at my mid back on the eccentric and as I’m coming up I’m pulling my shoulders back (not to be confused with the ever so popular dead lift and back bend technique 🙄) Pulling your shoulder back engages all your back muscles i.e. Lats, traps, teres major/minor etc. it’s a flex not a bend. Anyway just a little intensifier to throw in the mix if you’re looking to change it up. Enjoy!

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