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Optimal Peri-Workout Nutrition: Fueling Growth and Performance by Chris Edmonds

Title: Introduction: As fitness enthusiasts, we know that what we eat before, during, and after our workouts can significantly impact our performance and progress. Coach Chris, the lead Mountain Dog Diet Coach, and sponsored athlete for Granite Supplements, generously shared his complete peri-workout nutrition routine in this YouTube video. In this blog post, we’ll break […]

Popular Nootropics | Andrew Berry

What are nootropics? The word nootropic comes from the Greek words “noos” meaning the “mind and “tropein” meaning “towards” and was coined by Romanian psychologist, Corneliu Giugea in 1972. He used this term to describe a class of compounds that selectively act “towards the mind.” (1) These substances, a mixture of food-derived vitamins, antioxidants, lipids, […]

Frozen Chocolate Protein Cups: A Protein-Packed Delight for Chocolate Lovers

Title: Frozen Chocolate Protein Cups: A Protein-Packed Delight for Chocolate Lovers Introduction: Indulge in a guilt-free treat packed with protein and the rich flavor of chocolate with these Frozen Chocolate Protein Cups. These delightful cups are not only low in calories but also high in protein, making them the perfect snack or dessert option for […]

The 411 on EAAS & BCAAs: Do you need them?

With so much information on supplements out there, it can be hard to decipher what you actually need. I strive to provide people with valuable information so they can make the decision for themselves. With a quick internet search you will find yourself overwhelmed with conflicting opinions and multiple studies. Studies of which probably don’t […]