Optimal Peri-Workout Nutrition: Fueling Growth and Performance by Chris Edmonds

Title: Introduction:

As fitness enthusiasts, we know that what we eat before, during, and after our workouts can significantly impact our performance and progress. Coach Chris, the lead Mountain Dog Diet Coach, and sponsored athlete for Granite Supplements, generously shared his complete peri-workout nutrition routine in this YouTube video. In this blog post, we’ll break down his pre-workout, intra-workout, and post-workout meal and supplementation plan, helping you optimize your own nutrition for ultimate gains.

1. Pre-Workout Nutrition: Setting the Stage for Success

Coach Chris emphasizes the importance of the pre-workout meal, which should be consumed approximately 60 to 90 minutes before hitting the gym. Tailor the timing to suit your digestion, ensuring you don’t feel bloated or uncomfortable during your training session.

Coach Chris’s Staple Pre-Workout Meal:

– 8 ounces of cooked chicken

– 250 grams of jasmine rice

– 1 tablespoon of olive oil

– 200 grams of honey crisp apple


1. Heat 1 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil in a pan over medium heat.

2. Add the chicken and jasmine rice, generously seasoning with salt and pepper.

3. Cook for approximately 6 minutes with the lid on.

4. Pair the meal with 200 grams of honey crisp apple for a touch of sweetness.


Before lifting, Coach Chris ensures adequate water intake, aiming for at least 40 ounces of water with the pre-workout meal to stay well-hydrated during the workout.

2. Intra-Workout Nutrition: Sustaining Energy and Focus

During the workout, Coach Chris relies on a combination of pre-workout supplements to maintain energy, focus, and pump. His preferred combination includes:

Pre-Workout Supplements:

– Half a scoop of GX Pre-workout for energy and focus (adjust as needed)

– A heaping scoop of Vasoblast for enhanced pump

– A fourth of a teaspoon of real salt for electrolyte balance

Mix the supplements with 15 ounces of water and ice for a refreshing intra-workout drink that keeps you going strong.

3. Post-Workout Nutrition: Promoting Recovery and Muscle Growth

After an intense training session, post-workout nutrition is essential for recovery and muscle growth. Coach Chris combines fast-digesting protein and carbs for quick nutrient replenishment.

Post-Workout Meal:

– Two scoops of Granite Supplements Protein Powder (60 grams of protein)

– 78 grams of rice and grains (60 grams of carbs)

– 100 grams of banana


1. Mix the protein powder and rice and grains, along with water, and microwave for approximately 2 minutes until thick and creamy.

2. Add 100 grams of banana to the mixture.

Enjoy the delicious and refreshing post-lift meal to kickstart recovery and refuel your muscles.


Optimal peri-workout nutrition is the key to unlocking your full potential in the gym. Coach Chris’s meal and supplementation plan, carefully designed for pre, intra, and post-workout, helps prioritize growth and performance. Remember to customize the plan to suit your individual needs, and always stay hydrated throughout your workout. With the right nutrition, you’ll be on your way to achieving your fitness goals and becoming the best version of yourself.

**Note:** The information provided is based on Coach Chris’s YouTube video and does not constitute personalized advice. Always consult with a qualified nutritionist or healthcare professional before making significant changes to your diet or supplementation regimen.

Video Transcript

“ Hello guys and girls coach Chris here, lead mountain dog diet coach, and proud sponsored athletic grant supplements. What I thought I’d do today for today’s blog is take you through my entire peri workout nutrition, which is going to be what I eat before my supplements. I take before the supplements I take during and exactly what I eat after my training session to prioritize growth and performance.

Let’s get this video off with what I eat roughly 60 to 90 minutes pre lift. So if you’re someone who. Doesn’t digest food super fast or super quick. Adjust that meal time according to your digestion. The last thing we want to do is go into a training session, feel bloated, stuffed, just miserable, and to where you’re having to get sick during a workout session or just feel nauseous the whole time.

So for me, that’s around 60 to 90 minutes. Pre lift. So today, we’re going to do it with my all time staple pre lift is going to be 8 ounces of cooked chicken, 250 grams of jasmine rice, 1 tablespoon of olive oil, and 200 grams of apple. Let me show you exactly how I cook it. With the stove set to medium heat, we’re going to add 1 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil, which is roughly 14 grams of fat.

Then from there, we’re simply just going to add the chicken and the rice. And we want to make sure we heavily salt this meal because we’re going to turn it into a gym that has no A. C. today. So, we’re going to make sure there’s a lot of salt because we want a massive pump. Now we add some pepper, to taste,

and then lid on for roughly 6 minutes. And now, for fruit with a meal, it’s gonna be 200 grams of honey crisp apple.

Alright, now to give this meat some flavor. And it’s gonna be 25 grams of sweet and spicy G. Hughes BBQ. Time to plate. Chicken one first, right by the BBQ sauce for dipping. And on the back side of that, is gonna be this glorious fluffy rice. Another essential opponent to my pre lift and honestly, every minute before I train is going to be water consumption.

So I want to make sure I get it at least 40 ounces of water with this meal before lifting.

Now the pre lift meal was over and let’s go ahead and mix up my pre workout and intra workout supplements. So we’re going to start with here is a half scoop of GX pre workout. Now, some people will say, do the full scoop. And if you need a lot of energy, great for me, I’m not a huge STEM guy. So I’ll need a half a scoop of that, but I will do a heaping scoop of this vasoblast and then a fourth of a teaspoon of this real salt here.

So this to me makes the perfect combo of energy, focus and pump. And I’m going to put that with 15 ounces of water and a lot of ice. All right. So half a scoop of GX, which is going to be 10 grams in the scale.

Heaping scoop of vasoblast and lastly, fourth of a teaspoon salt. Next up, intro workout. So we’re going to start as the base here is right in the middle, and this will be one full scoop of granite recovery. It’s got your essential aminos, it’s got your electrolytes, and it’s got some carbs in it. So I like that because it’s a great mixture, but it’s only 20 grams of carbs.

So I actually want 30. So I’m going to do a half a scoop of intracarb, and then I’m going to get. 8 ounces of coconut water and 10 grams of creatine monohydrate. And then I’m going to get 1, 000 milliliters of water. So we start here with intracarb. We’re going to go 11 grams, which is half of a serving, which will equal 10 grams of carbs.

So 11 grams on the scale here. Make sure everything’s good and precise. One scoop of recovery. And two scoops creatine monohydrate. And then a fourth of a teaspoon salt. Lid on, and we shake. Alright, and on to our post lift meal. Now, the funny thing is, I actually mix this up before I leave for the gym, put it in the fridge, so the moment I get home, I can smash this meal, because I am usually ravenous.

So, let’s go ahead and mix it up now, put it in the fridge, and you’ll see me eat it after we get back home. Let’s pan over here to this protein. I have this true nutrition isolate, and then obviously the granite whey. In a perfect world, I wish I could eat this granite whey every day, but because it has the beef in there and I have hematoma crosis, that’s not something that I can have daily and definitely not twice a day.

That’s reason one. Reason two is because it’s post lift, I want this super fast in my system and out, where this granite is going to be a blended protein, have casein and be slow digesting. I want this thing lightning fast in and out of my body so that I can have a whole food meal roughly 60 to 90 minutes after I eat this post lift meal.

So. If you guys love this granite protein, it’s a high quality product. It’s just not for me personally. So today we’re going to use two scoops of True Nutrition Whey Isolate, but hopefully that’s something we’ll have in the future. So two scoops, which comes out to 60 grams of protein and two carbs, zero fat.

Next up are carbs. Today we’re going to do rice and grains, 78 grams, which is going to be roughly a scoop and a half, to give me 60 grams of carbs from cream of rice. So, 78 grams on the scale. And now, add roughly one and a half cups of water.

And then into the microwave for two minutes.

Alright, let’s assess this consistency. Alright, it’s definitely going to need about 30 more seconds. So you can see it kind of clumps up a bit. I want it good and thick. So, way too runny. So, back in the microwave for 30 seconds. Alright. I think this is about right because what you’ll find is after I stir this and continue to stir it it’ll keep cooking.

So just give this a great mix and then we’ll go right into the fridge with it with the shake and the banana so we can eat it as soon as we get home.

And the best part about this post lift meal is it’s already made. So let’s get it out of the fridge, measure the banana, and it’s time to eat. Alright. So, we have one and a half scoops of peanut butter rice and grinds, two scoops of whey isolate, which is 60 grams of protein, and then now we need 100 grams of banana.

So, time to cut it up and add it to the mixture. Alright, so now what we’re gonna do, mix that around. Now, if you follow my YouTube channel, you know what we do first. Chug the shake, because the proteins gotta go in first, and then we’re gonna shovel the carbs behind it. Done. Great thing about coming home to this meal is it’s already made, it’s cold, and it’s just very refreshing.

It tastes like dessert, so let me dominate this, and then we’ll do the wrap up. Mmm. There you go, guys. My go to peri workout nutrition, my pre lift meal, pre workout sups, inter workout sups, and then the meal after. And that sets me up to have optimal recovery, grow, and progress in the gym. So if you want to mirror what I did, get all the ingredients, get the supplements, use my discount code CEDMINS10, and get it growing and getting better today.

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