Motivation: by Brittany Diamond

When you hear the word motivation, what are your first thoughts that come to mind? Close your eyes and think about this for a minute. What type of emotions does this make you feel? Is there a certain person or group of people you feel exemplify motivation? Do you consider yourself motivated? Why or why not? 

Motivation is always going to come in waves. Sometimes you’ll catch a high one. When you’re on the high motivation wave,  you’ll need to use it to your advantage. Other times it’s going to be so flat, it feels non-existent, like you could drown in the shallowness. You may wonder if you’ll ever catch any type of wave again. 

Motivation is a process, not a set way to live. The process is going to have highs and lows. If you’re reading this, I’m going to assume you’re someone who has a lot of desire to constantly improve your physical fitness and health. I do believe that the foundation for motivation starts with having a healthy relationship to yourself and part of that is done by taking care of yourself physically and mentally.

John Meadows, the owner of Granite Supplements was far more than just a phenomenal pro bodybuilder. He was a powerful example of how hard work, being persistent, and being a good human all relate to motivation. After this article, I’d reccomend listening to one of his podcasts that goes very deep into his upbringing and personal life. He lists out a very strategic way to reach your goals even when the odds are stacked against you. You can find the podcast here.

I wanted to provide you with alist of ways to find and seek motivation when it’s lacking.

  1. Make a list of what really matters to YOU. Focusing on things that are important to you make it easier to set goals in the first place. Rank everything on that list from most to least important. NOTE: it’s best to reevaluate this list often as you’re going to evolve and goals will shift with the seasons.
  2. Break down the big goal into bite size chunks. When you are riding that high wave of motivation it’s easy to start off with a lofty goal. For example, maybe you want to step on a bodybuilding stage but you haven’t yet committed to a gym or meal plan routine. Break that goal down by first saying you will stick with a routine, lose 10lbs, find a coach, and so forth. The smaller the goal, the better.
  3. Make a list (yes another one) or at the very least write down what you’ve achieved in the past that you’re proud of. Research shows that reminding yourself of your positive attributes leads to more confidence. More confidence = more motivation 
  4. Place visual reminders around your space. If you like seeing your goals, write them down. If there’s someone you admire, make them your phone screensaver. If there’s a song that always get you going, add it to a playlist and put it on your home screen. Make sure that this visitation is unique to you and resonates within you. 
  5. Just start. The first step is always the hardest, especially when you feel no motivation. Maybe you are trying to lose weight, just go for a walk or throw out the junk in your pantry. One positive habit leads to another. That’s why it’s important to take things in steps.

We would love to hear what motivates you and some of your steps to reach your goals! Feel free to share via social media and tag @GraniteSupplements and @B_Dimez.

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