Name: Holly MitchellHeight: 5’7″
Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio
Current Location: Mason, Ohio
Family: 2 boys, Cameron and Diesel
Occupation: Training and Nutrition Coach

Top Lifts/ Career Highlights: Turning Pro in 2013 and competing in my first Pro Show in 2015Bio-Holly-Mitchell

Your favorite type of training right now: I am very flexible when it comes to training and incorporating what I feel my body needs that day keeping in mind my general training program. If something feels bad or isnt agreeing with my body and how I feel that day, I move on and find a similar movement that does. I listen to my body. That applies to when to take rest days too!

Supplement routine: Every morning, 1 liter of water then Lipocalypse, Arc Reactor, and Arc Recovery at the gym while training

Favorite Cheat Food: Sushi but if Im really cheating, allllll the pancakes.

Favorite Diet Food: Cream of rice and eggs mixed together with splenda, cinnamon and vanilla extract

Favorite Exercise in Gym: Anything glutes or shoulders

What’s in your gym bag:  I think a more accurate question would be “what isn’t in my gym bag”?

What do you like to do outside of the gym:  Bike, Go to the Shooting Range

Biggest gym pet peeve: Anyone in the gym that is in the position to help or assist another person if they need it and they don’t

Do you have any hero’s or mentors in the sport: I have people that I look up to in this industry for sure, but more because of their ethical standards, loyalty and how they treat others- not necessarily because of the sport, but because that’s who they are.

More about Holly

Holly Mitchell fell in love with fitness at the age of 14 after seeing her first Oxygen Magazine – the women who graced the pages looked strong, capable and confident.

Having been a “bean pole” her whole life, that “look” was very appealing and it didn’t take long before she started mapping out how turn that dream physique into her passion once she was in college. Coincidentally, Holly is now a contributing writer for some of the top fitness magazines and Websites in the industry.

As well as being a training and nutrition Coach, she also holds an IFBB Figure Pro Figure title, and previously worked in the healthcare industry for nine years after college as an Exercise and Rehab Specialist for Doctors in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Holly began competing in figure competitions in 2012. After 7 National-level Figure Competitions placing 1st in six, she turned Pro in 2013, and was awarded her IFBB Pro Card at The NPC North Americans, just two short years after stepping on stage for the first time ever.

Holly is passionate about helping clients, friends and followers feel, look, move and perform better. One of her strengths lies in her ability to empower others to take an honest look at themselves and break down barriers and behaviors that may have prevented them from being successful with their goals in the past.

She resides in Cincinnati, Ohio with Jon and her two sons Cameron and Diesel.

Instagram: coachhollyifbb
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