Holly Mitchell’s Upcoming Contest Prep

And just like that…Its CONTEST SEASON!

I feel like I just packed those darn lucite heels away from last year lol.

When I reflect on 2016, I can honestly admit that it was a less than desirable year for me.

I make no excuses. I just did not accomplish what I set out to do, or what I expected from myself and my season. I was overly affected by a lot of outside stressors, lack of coaching support and truly needed to have tackled my prep in a much healthier way – more sleep, way less hours working and keeping up with my active recovery therapies. I 100% didnt feel like myself in more ways than one.

Right before what would have been my last show of 2016, The Kentucky Muscle Pro, I was involved in a serious car accident that ended my season rather abruptly. As a result, I barely stepped foot in the gym for months, went to Physical Therapy and Chiro upwards of 4 times a week and for many, many weeks after,  I couldnt sit, stand or walk for more than 30 minutes at a time. One of my saddest reality checks was not being able to stand and cheer for my son at his last soccer game of the year because I was in so much pain….talk about realizing what you have taken for granted!

…And, talk about motivation to recover!

 We’re only 2 months into the year and I have made monumental strides both professionally in starting my own business (meaning I determine my own hours = more sleep and peace of mind), and by partnering with John Meadows to support and guide me through my contest prep, shows and photoshoots for 2017. Both of these things mean a lot less stress in my life, enabling me to focus on the things that truly matter and accomplish what I need to with ease, day to day.
My first month of prep and dieting with John has resulted in a good deal of weight loss, looking MUCH tighter than I did, and feeling VERY full every day…I’m certainly NOT hungry that’s for sure haha. Currently sitting at about 11 weeks out from my first show of the year, my calories are still high, I’m eating 6x a day, getting plenty of carbs, one free meal per week and I weigh now, what I did ON stage last year.  A good mix of HIIT and steady state cardio compliment my 5-6 days of weight training per week.  Our goal is to come in about 10-12 lbs lighter…and I am more than confident that we crush that goal.
I’m looking forward to sharing more of my journey and hope you’ll enjoy following along!

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