3 Ways to Pump Up Your Pre-Workout Routine

You probably already how much of a difference a good preworkout energy booster can make to your training – that extra energy burst helps you to push all that much harder in the gym, and the harder you work, the more gains you’ll get. But if your whole preworkout routine looks like this:

  • Slam 2 scoops of Speed Force
    Hit the gym

Then you’re probably selling yourself a bit short. Spending a little extra time preparing for your workout can pay off, big time. Here are three ways to get started.


You’ve probably heard of visualization before, but maybe you haven’t practiced it all that much (or at all). Visualization is a sort of mental rehearsal, and studies show that it can help improve performance, increase confidence, and reinforce movement patterns.

Before your next workout, take a few minutes to sit down, close your eyes, and walk through the upcoming session in your mind’s eye. As you do, be sure to focus on your breathing, and remember why you’re training out in the first place.


You do know why you’re training, right? A lot of people don’t, and that’s a serious problem. I’m not just talking about motivation here, although having a strong motivation is great. But it’s even more important to have specific goals, and to have a plan that can help you to reach those goals. You can’t just walk into the gym, lift some weights, and expect to build a strong or aesthetic physique. Each training session must be carefully designed, or you’re really just going to end up wasting a lot of your time.
Don’t know where to start? I suggest you let John Meadows take you through a back workout, and really pay attention to all the different pieces of that workout. Notice how he sometimes uses different numbers of warmup sets, how he orders the different exercises, and how much emphasis he places on technique. Even if you don’t use those same numbers or exercises, you can model your training after his and still end up with a pretty darn good plan.


First, I hope you’re eating a good meal before you train, with the right balance of protein, carbs, and fat. That’s absolutely essential. Remember, the “workout window” – the time when it’s really important to give you muscles the fuel they need to grow – isn’t just after your training. You need to pay attention to what you’re eating before and during your session, too.
A good place to start is with some essential amino acids, like those found in Adamantium Aminos. Studies show that EAAs (particularly leucine), when consumed around training, can help trigger muscle protein synthesis in the body. More muscle protein synthesis equals bigger muscles, better recovery, and better overall results. I like to take one scoop of Adamantium Aminos about 15 minutes before training, and then sip on another 1-2 scoops during my actual workout.
If you need a little more help with your preworkout stack, make sure to check out this video – and next training session, you’ll be ready to smash some PRs!

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