Granite Supplements Introduces Ground-Breaking New Packaging

In response to customer feedback, Granite Supplements has redesigned our packaging to accomplish three things:

  • Portability
  • Wider opening for easier access to the product
  • Environmentally Friendly

The newly designed packaging features zip-lock bags that are specially engineered to still zip shut even with powder in the zipper. These bags ensure regulatory compliance with engineered mono-to-9 layer PE structures to meet the demands of a variety of specialty barrier applications including freshness and humidity.


The nature of the Granite Supplements’ client is to pack the supplements for use while working out. The new packaging takes up less space in the gym bag because it is soft-sided.

Easy Access

The previous packaging of hard-sided containers with screw-top opening proved challenging for some of our clients to get to the bottom of the container. The new packaging bags have a wide zip-lock opening so customers are able to use every last bit of product.


Granite is committed to minimizing our impact on the environment. 86% of consumers say it’s important to them to buy products that utilize recycled content packaging. Granite Supplements’ new bags are derived primarily from recycled soda and water bottles, and recycled high-density polyethylene milk jugs. The post-consumer recycled content keeps that discarded packaging out of the landfill.
In addition, the Granite Supplement product bags are recyclable at any store drop-off location that accepts plastic shopping bags. This extra step guarantees they will be recycled properly.
As an industry leader, Granite Supplements has thoughtfully produced packaging that is ground-breaking in the field of nutritional supplements.