John Meadows’ Supplement Regimen

Here’s the beauty of Granite Supplements, they are extremely high-quality ingredients served up in clinical doses. Which means whatever your goals are—muscle-building, weight-loss, fat-burning, performance, recovery—you can customize Granite Supplements to support them.
My situation is going to vary from a bodybuilder in their 20’s, a high-endurance sports athlete, or someone who is simply maintaining a healthy fitness lifestyle.
Here goes:

  • when I’m doing cardio, I have 1 scoop of EAAs to protect muscle


  • while training I sip on 1 scoop of Recovery unless it’s the infamous leg day and then I bump Recovery up to 2 scoops
  • for my 2 hardest sessions per week, I drink 1 scoop of GX in cold water before training.


  • if I’m working on trimming up, I will take 1 serving of ThermoBurn prior to morning cardio


  • Year-round I take 1 serving of Joint Care every day

I also love our Granite Protein, especially the Salted Caramel flavor!

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