Essential Aminos



If you purchase this product you will earn 42 Points!
If you purchase this product you will earn 42 Points!


Essential Aminos

Essential Amino Acids play a critical role in stimulating protein anabolism, which is the process responsible for muscle growth and recovery. Our powerful blend includes:

  • Protein Anabolism: Leucine (3g)
  • Reduced Muscle Breakdown & Diminished Post-exercise Soreness: BCAAs (Isoleucine and Valine at 1.5g each)
  • Muscle Gaining: All nine EAAs required for muscle gains

Most products on the market include only three BCAAs at six grams total: Granite Supplements includes 11 amino acids in total, providing over 8.5 grams to turbocharge the formula ensuring that your workouts- and your gains- are never compromised.


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Essential Aminos

Putting on muscle is a balancing act, pivoting on your ability to adapt to training stress and recover from everything else that life throws at you. A poor diet, pushing your training too hard for too long and factors beyond your control (like a nasty flu virus) can all slam the brakes on your “gains train.” If you want to push towards your recovery limits, you’re going to need an “ace in the hole.”

  • Granite Supplements’ Essential Aminos provide a 7g / dose of all the Essential Amino Acids (EAAs) because it’s the dietarily essential [not the non-essential1] amino acids that trigger muscle protein synthesis2-4. Leucine (3g) sits atop this EAA blend because of its primacy in triggering protein anabolism5-7. We were sure to focus on the other branched-chain aminos (BCAAs; Isoleucine and Valine at 1.5g each) as well because the BCAAs are known to reduce muscle breakdown and post-exercise soreness and damage8,9.
  • The amounts of the other EAAs blended in Essential Aminos are based on the anabolic EAA mixture used extensively in research2,10-13, adjusted slightly to take advantage of the anabolic signaling6 and insulin-releasing14 effects of lysine and phenylalanine.
  • This power-packed EAA supplement can thus be employed in conjunction with a small amount of carbohydrate (~35g; which could come from our Intra-Carb product) to enhance post-workout protein synthesis11,15 and gains in muscle mass16 If you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place with little to no good protein sources, EAA’s can boost the protein-synthetic effect of an otherwise suboptimal protein source, e.g., one that is too small7 or otherwise dilute in protein content or lacking in EAAs, such as some plant protein sources17. You might also use EAA to “bridge” the gap between two widely-spaced meals when you simply can’t slip away to consume a complete protein source or have a meal.

** Please see full EAAs documentation for citations and references.

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    For a boostFor those days you need a boost, this works like a champ!

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    The best PWO!Best Pre on the market! Quality ingredients that work!

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    Brings me through my hard trainingWould definitely by this product and flavor again!Tastes so good but it especially sees me through my training sessions when I feel wiped out at the end. Just buy this now. You won't regret it! ,

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    Was amazing"Bought it for my GF, Asked John before I bought he helped me out!
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    Da bombKeeps me going! Tastes good and it's a steady flow of energy when I need it. Buy it now!

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