Nicholas Conte | NFL Punter

Check out this incredible transformation of NFL punter Nicholas Conte. Nicholas and his coach Cris Edmonds incorporated Granite supplements into his training. Here is what Nicholas had to say about his experience.
“Working with Cris has been exactly what I needed and wanted for both my physical appearance and my athletic progress. At my biggest, I was 254 and had just finished an NFL minicamp workout with the (then) Washington Redskins. I did not like the way I looked and new I needed to make a change. I wanted to cut all the fat on my body, but I knew I didn’t want a workout and diet regimen that would interfere with or take away from my punting ability and training. I reached out to Cris and he designed a workout routine and diet that allowed me to not only maintain my punting ability, but increase my explosion and power while getting me the body I had always desired. It has allowed me to continue to train and compete at the highest level and to continue to allow me to pursue my goal of starting in the NFL. My hang times and distances have all increased (which are ESSENTIAL for my position), not to mention I can now bench press 225 for 18 reps.
The diet he created for me was super easy to follow and I started seeing changes in my weight and energy almost instantly. During our first meeting he asked me what foods I loved and which I hated. He built the diet around my likes and my goals which made it super easy to follow. I was shocked at the amount of food I was allowed to eat for each meal. Most diets have you starving and only allow you to eat certain foods, and that was not sustainable for me. Cris’ diets included large plates of food that left me feeling stuffed and satisfied and they were extremely delicious. I never felt a desire or need to cheat on my diet. I have a HUGE sweet tooth and Cris has found ways to substitute or implement certain sweets so that I can enjoy my food and not hinder my physical goals. He is always super quick to respond to my questions and even gives me plans to follow for when I am traveling around the country for combines and workouts and may not have access to a traditional kitchen or anything more than a hotel room with a microwave.
Cris introduced me to Granite Supplements early on in my training and I have seen unbelievable results. I currently use the Thermo Burn and Recovery products. The Thermo Burn has increased my fat burning, and also energizes me for workouts. The recovery tastes absolutely amazing and is super easy to drink throughout my workouts. I don’t like to drink just water while working out and this allows me to stay hydrated, and drink something extremely flavorful that doesn’t upset my stomach. The Recovery drink also allows me to get more out of my muscles during a workout and prevents me from getting or feeling extremely sore in the days following my workouts. I use it during all of my workouts now and take it with me to all my NFL opportunities.”
– Nicholas Conte
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