Siobhan Fleshman | Testimonial

Check out this incredible transformation of Siobhan Fleshman. Siobhan and her coach Cris Edmonds incorporated Granite supplements into her training. Here is what Siobhan had to say about her experience using Granite Supplements!
I decided to work with Cris about 2.5 months ago because I needed a change. I needed someone to push me and be a coach that wouldn’t let me back down. If I had a question he was there. If I needed to change something he was there. I put my faith in him and he has helped transform the way I view food and make conscious decisions when I am out and about.

When making my meal plan Cris introduced me to Granite Supplements. I had never heard of them before, now it’s part of my routine and would not go back. I never really considered how important supplements truly are to your daily routine. Cris taught me how essential they are. They push me to do better in the gym, while supporting my intra/post workout. It has been the best decision I ever made.

-Siobhan Fleshman
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